She Has Completely Lost My Respect – Whitemoney Speaks about Maria

Biggie’s House had a full day of housekeeping drama today. The morning began with Cross and Niyi arguing about bread, which became the main topic of conversation in the House.

This morning, one friendship suffered a serious setback. Maria gave up her meal during one of these heated housekeeping discussions, disposing of her food in a manner that the Housemates did not take lightly.

She is accused of throwing her meal away and ruining Boma‘s clothing. Boma was not amused, and he questioned her about her actions. She then reacted to him, saying that she had not realized the consequences of her conduct.

Boma was shortly seen chatting to Arin, expressing his displeasure with Maria’s behavior, which he considered to be both aggressive and needless. Arin chimed in to defend Maria, claiming that she was having a bad day.

Maria ultimately revealed to Arin that she was experiencing her own set of feelings brought on by that “time of the month.”

Marias behavior did not sit well with Whitemoney, the House’s self-proclaimed resident chef, who was overheard remarking that she had utterly lost his respect. This comes only a week after the former Head of House addressed the Housemates over food waste.

Food has always been a hot issue in the House, and it’s much hotter now because the Shine Ya Eye Housemates shop and share food together. Will they be able to share without hesitation?

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