Soma Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 9 Arena Game

Soma Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 9 Arena Game

Today’s arena games concluded with Soma emerging as the triumphant victor, amassing an impressive three gold tokens. Meanwhile, Venita and Ilebaye secured two and one gold tokens, respectively.

Today’s games included six challenges, which were:

  • Challenge 1: Climb Over the bars
  • Challenge 2: Crawl Under the bars
  • Challenge 3: Find the bean bag
  • Challenge 4: Tyre hopscotch
  • Challenge 5: Find the blue ping pong ball
  • Challenge 6: Cross the bar

These challenging contests subjected the housemates to military-style obstacle courses, rigorously assessing their physical prowess and agility. The fierce competition extracted the very best from each participant, compelling them to push their boundaries in order to conquer every challenge. Soma’s remarkable consistency throughout the games cemented his victory, underscoring his unwavering determination and athletic prowess.

Participating in today’s arena games proved to be a delightful diversion from the daily routine for the housemates. It offered them an opportunity to bond and revel in each other’s company, an experience fondly described by finalist and Head of House Ilebaye as “having fan” with a hearty chuckle. This change of pace injected laughter and camaraderie into the house, providing a refreshing and welcome respite.


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