Team Crunch Wins BBNaija Munch It Task

For the Munch it Task, Housemates provided an unusual perspective on their brand of nonstop fun. Team Crunch, Team Munch, Team Tasty, and Team Irresistible were formed from the Housemates. They took one name card from the box at a time.

Part one of the Task consisted of Housemates demonstrating their vocabulary skills by constructing words using available cards, and part two consisted of an all-you-can-eat bowl of 20 Munch it goodies. Each portion of the Challenge would award 10 bonus points to the teams who won one of the two Challenges.

Team Munch put on a show of their vocabulary, taking the lead in this section of the Task with the most words. As a result, the first ten bonus points went to Boma, Yousef, Saga, Angel, and Queen. In these times, having a good vocabulary comes in helpful.

In the 20 pack Challenge, Team Irresistible came out on top with the most Munch it snacks devoured. Cross, Tega, Emmanuel, Saskay, and Jaypaul made up this group. They received 10 bonus points for their voracious appetite. If there’s one thing we’ve learned recently, it’s that they came prepared for this aspect of Task #FoodWoes.

Housemates presented their interpretations of nonstop fun from a Games night, Movie night, Football, and Music and Dance for the final portion of their Task. Each team was given a unique kit. Notes, tools, and props to be utilized in completing the Task were included in this kit.

Housemates took turns showing their talents, and Biggie declared the winners at the end of the Task.

With their entertaining take on a football championship game of the season, Team Crunch put on an outstanding display. They were awarded the Task’s winning points for their effort. Whitemoney, Peace, Michael, JMK, and Maria were the winners of a whopping One Million Naira to be split among the Housemates team members, as well as a year’s supply of Munch It snacks. Every other team received five hundred thousand naira for the effort and participation in the game.

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