Themba Wins BBMzansi 2022 Ultimate Veto Power Game

The Ultimate Veto Power Game has been completed, and Themba has won, though the others should be commended for their perseverance.

It appears simple, but it isn’t: the four Housemates had to balance a ball on a plate held by one arm while standing in a small square for the second section of the Ultimate Veto Power Game. They could leave at any time, but if they broke the rules, they would be disqualified. This is essentially an endurance test. Arms grow fatigued, backs get sore, and legs turn to stone in a remarkably short amount of time. The prospect of an R2 million prize is the only thing keeping them in the game – and sometimes that’s not enough.

Ultimate Veto Power Game 1

Tulz was the first Housemate to leave the game – he was disqualified for breaking the rules. He had been standing mighty close to the edge of his square, and, eventually, Biggie called him out and told him he could relax. We doubt that came as much of a consolation, though.

Spare a thought for the three remaining Housemates, though – they know they can leave at any time. They know that it’s only going to get more difficult. Imagine what it’s like to know that you can make your own life more difficult only to quit later – meaning your persistence was all for nothing. The Sunk Cost Fallacy comes to mind. After a respectable amount of time, Thato decided that she had sunk enough cost into this endeavour and bowed out.

That left Sis Tamara and Themba in the game, and they were not going to make it easy on each other. There is no doubt that these two have earned their places in the Top 8. Sis Tamara has proven to be a very competitive Housemate, and Themba has been navigating the ever-changing shifts in the game with aplomb. It seemed inevitable that it would come down to these two.

Eventually, a little after 07:00 this morning, the game ended. Sis Tamara simply could not carry on, anymore. Putting the plate down and stepping out of the square, Sis Tamara gave Themba the UVP. There was not a lot of exuberant celebration, however. Themba was finished. Both he and Sis Tamara could barely move their right arms, and they struggled with the simple Task of hugging each other. Themba literally crawled his way back into the House.

Ultimate Veto Power Game 1


All of this will come to play during tonight’s Nominations: Themba has now got a guaranteed place in the finals. The question is who he will take with him? Many want him to choose Sis Tamara and Thato as a reward for their efforts, but there is a good chance he will choose Tulz – as Tulz has never even been Nominated and is therefore the most exposed when the final votes are counted. Themba has – on numerous occasions – stated that he believes Thato, Sis Tamara and Mphowabadimo are strong, since they’ve survived multiple Nominations.

Ultimate Veto Power Game 1

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