Three Months into Our Marriage, My Ex-Husband Started Abusing Me – Beatrice

Beatrice, a former housemate on Naija Shine Ya Eye, has spoken out about her failed violent marriage. The divorced mother-of-one in a Facebook live interview said that her ex-husband began assaulting her three months into their marriage.

She claimed she couldn’t handle it and had to suffer through it until she left the marriage.

She said, β€œI started seeing signs one week after the wedding. I started seeing signs. Not that he had abused me from that one week. But I started seeing signs of things that I did not notice before we got married. Then I was young and I was still trying to understand the meaning of marriage. I was still seeing him as a friend and a best friend. So, every little thing he did to me then used to affect me and I’ll just be sad. And then, he’ll not come to say sorry to me, he’ll be waiting for me to say sorry to him. After three months, I started getting tired of the whole thing. I had to cope from then till when I left. It was from that three months that he started abusing me anytime I talked. If I try to tell him this thing you did to me I don’t like it, he’ll beat me up. If he comes back at 3am or 4am as he used to do, he’ll say I was in a meeting with my big boys. If I say β€˜okay, just pick your call and tell me something. Tell me you’re not coming back. You don’t do that’, he’ll beat me up. I did not cope, I suffered from it.”

When Beatrice tried to open out to people, they constantly shut her up and encouraged her to stick it out with the marriage. Beatrice claimed she had to leave the violent relationship when she couldn’t handle it any longer.

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