Tulz Betrays Sis Tamara; Saves Terry Instead

It all started when Sis Tamara used her Veto power to save Tulz from being evicted. Rather, they chose to sacrifice their best friend, Terry’s lover, Vyno, who was later Evicted from the House last Sunday.

Tulz owed Sis Tamara a favour because he was spared by her… or so everyone thought. We were all confident that if Tulz won Head of House and Sis Tamara was nominated for eviction, Tulz would come to her rescue and utilize his Veto power to keep her safe. Unfortunately, this was not the case yesterday. Sis Tamara didn’t appear concerned when Biggie asked all of the Nominated Housemates to stand up. She was plainly under the impression that Tulz was on her side, but this was not the case.

By utilizing his Veto power to save Nominated Housemate Terry instead of Sis Tamara, the new HoH turned against Sis Tamara. This astounded both viewers and Housemates; no one could have imagined this betrayal. Tulz sparked this action by declaring in front of the entire House and Biggie that, despite the fact that he knows he owes Sis Tamara a favour, Terry has been through a lot, especially since she lost Vyno, and that’s why he chose to save her.

Even though Sis Tamara didn’t say anything at the time, it was clear from her facial expression that she was stunned and offended. After what she did to Terry, may Sis Tamara be receiving a taste of her own medicine? She had not only sacrificed Terry’s man, Vyno, but she had also put Terry’s name on the eviction list.

What do you think about Tulz action to save Terry instead of Sis Tamara?

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