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Uchenna Profile and biography (full name, age occupation and photos) of Ultimate love guest (housemate) of the first season of the show.

In this Article, I will be revealing the following details about Uchenna, Ultimate Love Show guest season 1 (2020).

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Development economist Uchenna鈥檚 longest relationship was a year-long. He believes love takes time and it shouldn鈥檛 be taken with haste. An important component for Uchenna in a relationship is agreeableness, you can be attracted to each other but if that component is missing then the relationship won鈥檛 work.

The 29-year-old鈥檚 view on traditional roles is that men and women are genetically different therefore their roles will not be the same in a relationship, although he doesn鈥檛 agree entirely on roles given to women. Uchenna believes in the simple approach when asking for a woman鈥檚 hand in marriage and that is to ask if she鈥檇 like to take his name and ring.

uche Ultimate Love

Full NameUchenna
Age29 years old (2021)
Place of BirthAnambra State
Marital statusSingle
OccupationEntrepreneur, Media Presenter & Production Manager

Uchenna Ultimate Love Video

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