Ultimate Love Guest Past, Present and Aspirations of Love | Secrets Revealed

Aunty had a one-on-one session with eight Love Guests this evening and they shared their past, present and aspirations of love.

In their first one-on-one session with Aunty this evening the Love Guest didn’t hold anything back; from past experiences to what they’re hoping to achieve by coming into the Love Pad.

However, what really stood out in all the conversations was the fact that they all believe in love and that they’re working towards finding it.

The ultimate goal

The Love Guests; Arnold, Chris, Kachi and Theresa were the first four to meet with Aunty consecutively and their chats were nothing short of surprises.

Chris revealed how she has kept a secret all her life which she only told her mother about last year. As she put it, she felt like her relationships were jinxed by what had happened to her. But after opening up she feels like she’s ready for love again.

Ebiteinye on the other hand has held a grudge and hatred towards men because of her absent father. However, that has since changed since he’s met her boss, who’s a father figure to her and she has let go of all the hate.

The enthusiasm and passion to find love and be loved was obvious in these sessions as the Love Guests let loose and allowed Aunty to dig deeper into their stay in Love Pad.

Kachi and Obichukwu and Theresa also revealed that they have their eyes on certain Love Guests and that they were confident they’ll be chosen, come Saturday. Theresa also asserted that certain male counterparts had point blank told her they want her. Her only dilemma, she doesn’t want to break hearts.

Even though Aunty didn’t have one-on-ones with every Love Guest, she told them to let go of their partnerships and mingle as they see fit because now, they were free agents.

Now it’s a waiting game. All the Love Guests are asked to write down names of three people they’d see themselves with, with number one being the person they’d be willing to start and build a life with.

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