Ultimate Love Nomination Today (Week 3) | Couples Nominated for Voting & Eviction

The ultimate love show is currently on and the the guest will be live today in the Check out show. The ultimate live Check out show will start today by 7:30pm/20:30 CAT on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29 (Channel 129 in Ghana and channel 329 in Uganda).

Today’s show will feature all three new love guests (Chris Ville, Chiddy Bankz and Meriton). The new love guest will who they are willing to be paired with to form Ultimate Love couples.

So far, we have seen some connection between Chris Ville and Chris, Chiddy Banks and Sylvia. Meriton is still undecided as she is drawing attention from Jerry and Louis.

Chris ville and chris

The show will also feature couples that will be nominated for possible eviction. Each couple will be given the opportunity to nominate a couple that should be evicted. Couples with the highest nominations will be place on eviction where viewers will be allowed to vote their favourite couples nominated for eviction to avoid eviction from the show. Couples with the least number of votes will be eliminate from the show come on Sunday.

It was a rollercoaster of a Saturday for the Love Guests as they went from tears after watching messages from their parental figures; to absolute joy as they showcased the diversity of Nigerian culture in Aunty’s task.

But it all came full circle as Aunty announced later in the evening that they had just 15minutes to solidify their final pairings and reveal their choices.

While the announcement caught the Love Guests off guard, it appeared they all were somewhat sure of who they would like to be with and most of the couples seemed to be in agreement that things would stay the same.

Of course the likes of Sylvia and Jerry were resolute in their decision to move on and rather pair with Chiddy Bankz and Meriton respectively. While Chris made a pact with her namesake, Chris Ville, to give love a go and try make things work.

Jerry and Meriton

Time however has shown us nothing is set in stone till Aunty gives it her stamp of approval so we’ll have to wait till Sunday live show to view the final pairings for the season? Do you think there will be any last shockers? Watch out.

Ultimate Love Sunday Live Show Today 23rd February, 2020

During today’s Ultimate Love live check out show, each couple was required to nominate two couples for possible eviction. The nominated couples with the highest nominations will be place on eviction.

Viewers will be required to vote their favourite couples among the nominated couples. Couples which emerged with the highest number of votes will remain in the show while couples with least number of votes will be evicted from the show come next week Sunday live show.

Aunty issued a blank card where each couples will write its name and the names of two couples they are nominating for eviction. After nomination, the couples will place the card in the nomination box where the presenter will take the card and read it out for confirmation by the couples.

Ultimate Love 3 New Couples Swapping and Pairing

The 3 new guest/contestants added to the show on Friday 21st February, 2020 will now reveal which of the love guest they are connected with and willing to pair with to form an Ultimate Love couple. The names of the 3 new ultimate love guest are:

  • Chris Ville
  • Chiddy Bankz and
  • Meriton

*Chris Ville has revealed that he will pair with Chris

*Chiddy Bankz Ville has revealed that he will pair with Sylvia

*Meriton has revealed that he will pair with Jerry.

Ultimate Love 3 New Guest Couples name

Jerry and Sylvia formerly known as JERVIA swapped partners and here is their new couple’s name

  1. Jerry and Meriton (couple name JERITON)
  2. Chiddy and Sylvia (couple name Chivia)
  3. Chris Ville and Chris (couple name ChrisChris)

Ultimate love Nomination Today (Week 3)

The couples were given the opportunity to swap partners but instead the following couples chose to stay together. The couples were then asked to nominate two couples for eviction. The nominations was read out by the presenter Dakore. Here are the couples’ nominations.

  1. IYKERESA (Iyke and Theresa) Nominated CHIVIA and JERITON
  2. MICHERRY (Michael and Cherry) Nominated CHIVIA and JERITON
  3. JAYKECH (Jay and Nkechi) Nominated CHIVIA and JERITON0
  4. BOLAR (Arnold and Bolanle) Nominated PRESHDAVID and OBIEBI
  5. OBIEBI (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye) Nominated PRESHDAVID and CHRISCHRIS
  6. CHRISCHRIS (Chris Ville and Chris) Nominated CHIVIA and IYKERESA
  7. JELO (Louis and Jenny Koko) nominated OBIEBI and MICHERRY
  8. CHIVIA (Chiddy and Sylvia) nominated JERITON and PRESHDAVID
  9. JERITON (Jerry and Meriton) nominated MICHERRY and IYKERESA
  10. ROKSIE (Kachi and Rosie) nominated PRESHDAVID and JERITON
  11. PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) Nominated OBIEBI and CHIVIA

Ultimate Love week 2 nominations

Ultimate Love Nomination Result (Week 3)

Here is the ultimate Love nomination result.

  1. IYKERESA (Iyke and Theresa) –—————2 Nominations
  2. MICHERRY (Michael and Cherry) –———–2 Nominations
  3. JAYKECH (Jay and Nkechi) – —————-0 Nomination
  4. BOLAR (Arnold and Bolanle) –————— 0 Nomination
  5. OBIEBI (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye) ———-3 Nominations
  6. CHRISCHRIS (Chris Ville and Chris) ———0 Nomination
  7. JELO (Louis and Jenny Koko) —————-0 Nomination
  8. CHIVIA (Chiddy and Sylvia) ————————–5 Nominations
  9. JERITON (Jerry and Meriton) ———————- 5 Nominations
  10. ROKSIE (Kachi and Rosie) ——————–0 Nomination
  11. PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) – 4 Nominations

Ultimate Love Couples Up for Eviction (Week 3)

The following couples got the highest number of nominations from the nomination show. This couples will now go into the ultimate love voting phase were viewers will vote their favourite couples to remain in the show.

  1. CHIVIA (Chiddy and Sylvia) —————————-5 Nominations
  2. JERITON (Jerry and Meriton) ———————— 5 Nominations
  3. PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) – 4 Nominations
  4. OBIEBI (Obichukwu and Ebiteinye) ————3 Nominations
  5. IYKERESA (Iyke and Theresa) –—————-2 Nominations
  6. MICHERRY (Michael and Cherry) –————2 Nominations

NOTE: Voting will commence on Tuesday 25th February to Thursday 27th February, 2020.

See how to Vote here

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