Ultimate Love Valentine Day Challenge for Love Guests

While the sun rose on the 14th of February, nothing could have prepared the 18 Love Guests for the incredible twist Aunty would swing their way later that day. Shortly after lunch time four new Love Guests were introduced into the Love Pad and nothing was the same since! Thankfully though Aunty had more plans up her sleeve as she offered everyone a chance to ease things up by presenting them with an adorable challenge for the night.

As part of the Valentines Day celebrations, the Love Guests were tasked with crafting DIY tokens of love for their partners that they would gift them with later on in the evening. The catch however was that their partners were to be randomly selected by picking a number from 1 to 10 in a box then pairing with the person who had the same corresponding digit. So with the instructions clear and work to be done, our Love Guests got to work coming up with some sweet symbols of their affection and charming trinkets in the hopes of impressing their allocated dates.

Much like the other tasks the Love Guests received prior, there was more to the task than meets the eye. A key component of it all was a measure of creativity and effort. With not all the guests having a knack for arts and crafts, it was intriguing to see who was willing to go the extra mile and step out of their comfort zone in the name of love! And perhaps the added pressure of new faces gave some of the Love Guests an additional reason to work extra hard to keep their chosen boos interested.

Whatever the motivation, the Love Guests went all out. It’s amazing witnessing the things we do in the name of love

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