Venita is Toxic and Brings Negativity to the Show – Doyin

Venita is Toxic and Brings Negativity to the Show – Doyin

In a candid conversation on Saturday, Doyin did not mince words when expressing her sentiments about fellow housemate Venita. She unequivocally asserted that Venita had introduced a considerable degree of toxicity and negativity into the ambiance of the show.

During this heart-to-heart exchange with fellow housemate Alex, Doyin made a striking observation. She proposed that Venita’s continued presence in the house was not merely due to her individual merits but was rather attributed to her romantic involvement with Adekunle, another contestant in the house. This assertion by Doyin hinted at a perceived favoritism or leniency toward Venita, perhaps fueled by her relationship dynamics rather than her contributions to the house.

It is worth noting that the friction between Doyin and Venita has been a constant feature of their cohabitation in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house since the show’s inception. This latest statement by Doyin further underscored the depth of their differences and the impact it had on her perception of Venita’s place in the competition.

In summary, Doyin did not hold back in expressing her belief that Venita had brought negativity to the show and implied that her continued presence was influenced by her romantic relationship with Adekunle, a sentiment that added another layer of tension to the already strained relationship between the two housemates.

According to her;

“If she was standing alone, she’d be out of this game a long time ago.

“She brings nothing but negativity and toxicity to this show. NOTHING”

Meanwhile, Doyin, Venita, Ilebaye, WhiteMoney are up for eviction and at least one of them will be evicted on Sunday.

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10 months ago

On the other hand the reverse is true, a lady who can not do anything except makeup, never winning a simple tasks individually but full of gosips try to compare with a woman of substance, natural beauty, an epitome of creativity full of zeal and determination.

okonkwo Chikamso
okonkwo Chikamso
10 months ago
Reply to  Chanty

Thank you so much dear