Viewers react to Aunty’s One-on-One Session with the Ultimate Love Guests

Ultimate love fans and viewers have expressed much love on Aunty’s one on one session with the ultimate love housemate. Aunty encompasses many roles in one, she’s a mother, a counsellor, a trusted friend, an Aunty who’ll always tell it like it is, but you know she has the best interests of the love guests at heart.

The ‘one on one’ sessions are meant to reveal more about the Love Guests, but lucky for us, viewers also get to witness the kind of person Aunty is. The manner in which she poses questions to the Love Guests shows genuine concern. The role of Aunty in the house is imperative because Love Guests are given an opportunity to unpack issues they might not have in the past, verbalizing feelings can have a significant therapeutic effect on the brain.

Although it might initially feel heavy, Love Guests leave Aunty’s sessions feeling lighter with a better clarity on what they are doing. Aunty also uses the sessions to encourage and reassure the Love Guests.

Aunty is fast becoming a social media darling, and this is what viewers had to say:

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Benedet Okoth
Benedet Okoth
4 years ago

Am a die hard of ultimate love particularly Aunty waah i love her is my number one fun she has everyone best interest at heart (like a mother she will protect her children)she never mislead.How she ask questions &gist about it waah it kills me she know how make the housemate open up & tell them to swap if they are not comfortable where they are Love the show thank you ultimate love