You Are A Skinny Idiot and Fool” – Erica Blast Laycon Over Kissing Saga

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Erica, has confronted fellow housemate, Laycon, over a comment made by Ebuka last Sunday.

During the party, Kiddwaya and Nengi seemed to be vibing on the dancefloor and every time they got close, they were interrupted by Ozo and Erica marking their territory. Erica then took a few moments to talk to Nengi personally about Kiddwaya, where she said that if there was a connection between Nengi and Kiddwaya, it should be brought out into the open. Nengi told Erica that the attraction wasn’t serious and that they knew each other before entering the House.

Recall that during last Sunday’s eviction show, Ebuka the host asked Laycon over his discussion with other housemates about Erica trying to Kiss him of which he replied that it was true and he felt it happened because Erica was intoxicated. Erica confronted Laycon immediately after the show but he chose not to talk about it at that moment.

After the Saturday night party yesterday, Erica once again confronted Laycon over the kissing saga but Laycon insisted on not willing to talk about it. Amid several attempts by concerned housemates to placate her, Erica let loose a stream of invective while threatening to cause Laycon bodily harm and have him killed.

In her words;

“Idiot, Short fool. Chicken. Your whole body is like a drumstick of chicken. Right now, your brain is evil, so I’m not attracted to anything about you. Stop talking about me, Idiot. That thing that Ebuka said last week is still bothering me. You keep telling me, you’re not ready to talk about it. It’s almost a week. Are you still being a p***y. 1 week. That’s because he’s scared. Hes f*****g scared, because he knows he lied. He cannot back it up. 1 week has passed, he has not backed up the claim that I tried to kiss him, at what point did I try to kiss you? You fool, Laycon. As skinny and ugly as you are, at what point am I gon be attracted to you. How will I be attracted to you? Idiot.”

Erica retired to the head of House Lounge where she had a disagreement with Prince who was also trying to get her to calm down and shower so that she could be closer to her senses. It was night of drama in the Big Brother House and the only question that remains is if it will be the cause of Erica’s final strike and her Eviction from the House.

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3 years ago

i would have liked prince, erica,lucy and neo to be evicted
choose your worst housemate amongst all the housemates even those evicted by typing

3 years ago

Instead Dorothy to be evicted big brother himself will be evicted, we die there