You are The Problem of Every Team – Erica Blast Lucy

Todays’ Amatem Softgel Game Changer Challenge started off on an interesting and fiery note as Lucy got into a heated argument with some of the Housemates over the team she was to join for the Task.

In order to get set for the Task, the Housemates had to divide themselves into two teams. Erica and Prince being the Head of House and Deputy Head of House had the Task of selecting Housemates into their groups.

With most of the Housemates selected, it was finally down to Lucy. Erica’s attempt to pick Lucy was rebuffed by her as she insisted on being in the other team. “If she doesn’t want to be on the team, we can’t force her to be on our team,” Erica responded.

Erica Lucy BBNaija

“You guys have done it before, you didn’t want me in your team and I don’t want to be in your team,” Lucy said as the reason for not wanting to be in the same team as Erica’s. Apparently, Lucy wasn’t comfortable working with Kiddwaya citing a past instance when Kiddwaya and Erica also didn’t want her on their team.

Neo didn’t take kindly to Lucy objecting to being in Erica’s team and said Lucy couldn’t just change the arrangement asking what would happen if everyone else decided they werent comfortable with their team and wanted a change.

Prince was also upset with Lucy over her attitude and asked her if she would do the same if it was Biggie that placed her in that team. “If you have an attitude problem, keep it in check,” he said in a fit of rage.

Prince BBNaija

Just when it seemed like it was all over, Erica had some more words for Lucy. “You are the problem on every team; you have a bad attitude with your negative energy…”, she said as Kiddwaya kept her from getting any closer to Lucy.


An attempt to shield Erica from incurring any more Strike. Trikytee was also next to her reminding her not to incur a Strike. “I’m not hitting her now, will they give me Strike for shouting?” Erica asked rhetorically as she eased up on the tirade.

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3 years ago

i love Nengi and Ozo, big up for them,