Your Friendship with Ike was Disrespectful – Mercy Slams Tacha

The housemates that were present in today’s show was Mercy, Tacha, Enkay, Diane, Seyi, Omashola and Jackye.

Ebuka started off the show by asking the housemates if they were happy to be part of today’s show because of the topic which was talking about people. Enkay responded by saying yes and continued by saying everyone gossips. Ebuka then asked Tacha if she talked about people while in the show, but she said no but Enkay insisted that Tacha talked about people.

Tacha now explained what talking about people meant to her. She defined gossip as talking about uncertainties about a person or situation. However, Ebuka disagreed with her and said talkinng about people is talking behind someone’s back.

Ebuka went further by asking Tacha about her relationship with Ike in Big Brother house and asked if Ike ever talked about Mercy with her.

Mercy said she considers Ike and Tacha’s relationship after the show disrespectful to her, she feels they were just trying to spike her because of how people spread rumors on social media.

Ike in his defense said that the whole disrespectful drama is just a misunderstanding and he and Tacha don’t even discuss other housemates, just business.

Tacha when asked if she feels she’s being disrespectful by not being friendly with Mercy but a friend with her boyfriend Ike said she has nothing to say, No Comment.

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