A look at Amaka and Phyna Confrontation in BBNaija House

What are the possibilities that two people wanting to form a connection will actually get into a fight? Regarding the BBNaija Level Up Housemates, it appears that the odds are quite high.

Amaka and Phyna seemed to get along during the weekend, but it appears that their connection is currently gone. While attempting to bond in the early morning hours, they got into a small argument. weird, huh?

Phyna asked Amaka about who she was going to please withย for her actionsย in the House while they were both relaxing in the Lounge. Amaka needed help understanding the question, so Phyna assured her that if she pleased the viewers, they would vote for her. Amaka, on the other hand, responded that she wanted to win over both the viewersย and her fellow Housemates. Unfortunately, Phyna did not like this response and reminded Amaka that she cannot choose Housemates since they will not be devoted to her. The two, who spoke at the top of their voices, got into a fight over this.

Amaka said that Phyna need to quit telling people what to do and ought to let them be who they are. Amaka dropped hints about Phyna, indicating she was prepared to bring her other Level 2 Housemates down, as the argument continued with Phyna branding her a snitch.

Amaka also referred to Phyna as slim after Phyna labelled her a rat, to which Amaka responded that Phyna couldn’t be a rat because she is obese. Phyna accused Amaka of body shaming as a result of her remark.

The two continued to argue despite the intervention of Bryann and Beauty.

Amaka and Phyna

During their workout session in the garden, Amaka had a rant session with Kess and Daniella saying she will never be intimidated by anyone. She recalled the quarrel saying she didnโ€™t know Phyna would take what she said serious and concluded Phyna was out to use her to shine.

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