Adekunle Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 1 Head of House Game

Adekunle Wins BBNaija 2023 Week 1 Head of House Game

Adekunle was the star of the first Big Brother Naija All Stars head of house games, showcasing his exceptional memory skills and completing the challenge in an impressive 12 seconds. As a reward for his remarkable achievement, he earned the coveted title of Head of House, along with some fantastic perks for the week.

His outstanding performance granted him Immunity for the entire week, giving him a sense of security within the house. Additionally, Adekunle gained access to the exclusive Head of House floor, residing in the luxurious penthouse on the mezzanine level.

Furthermore, he had the privilege of selecting four housemates as his trusted BFFs (Best Friends Forever) for the week. His choices were Cross, Frodd, Soma, and Seyi, forming a close-knit group that would share the penthouse and enjoy some quality time together.

The head of house challenge revolved around a deceptively simple yet challenging memory test. Underneath 20 boxes lay various items, each having an identical pair hidden within the set. Housemates were given 60 seconds to open the boxes, memorize the positions of the matching items, and later find the corresponding pairs based on their memory.

However, Biggie spiced things up by introducing a dancing element to the challenge. After the initial memory exercise, the housemates had to dance until the music stopped, which added a fun twist to the game. Unfortunately, some of the participants’ dancing distracted them, making it harder to recall the positions of the matching items.

To further challenge the housemates, they were required to select an envelope from a basket after dancing and then locate the items that matched the content of their chosen envelope.

Best Friends Forever (BFF) Picks

In the end, Adekunle’s exceptional memory and quick thinking secured him the Head of House title and all the accompanying privileges. His triumph was well-deserved, and his selection of BFFs would undoubtedly make his week as the head of the house even more enjoyable.

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