BBNaija 2021 Second Diary Session (Week 2)

The Diary Session that took place after the first Nomination show exposed the fact that some of the Housemates had not yet realised the importance of the phrase โ€˜Shine Ya Eyeโ€™.


Nini was the first to be summoned to the diary room, where she acknowledged to rejecting anybody who suggested Maria was a Wildcard. She also appears to be withholding a lot of information since she doesn’t want to walk on anyone’s toes, particularly Maria’s. She stated that going ahead in the game, she has learnt not to be overly trusting.


Cross requested that Big Brother provide them with adequate beverages, but he recognizes that he must remain more focused on the game.


After that, Saskay walked in and stated she had a panic attack for the first time in her life, which was caused by Ebuka’s comment during the Live Show that they were dull. This was just before she said something about Yousef and Jaypaul making her uncomfortable by expressing their love for her. She said Arin was rude that Pere had too much sexual energy without holding back. It’s amazing how quickly she picked up on these Housemates’ traits.

Yousef and Beatrice

Yousef and Beatrice, two of the nominated Housemates, stated they will strive to have more fun in the House. Beatrice said that being in a room with strangers was difficult since they constantly seem to find fault with anything she does.

Whitemoney and Niyi

Another nominee Whitemoney, whose Diary Session occurred after Beatrice’s, said he’s delighted with the attention the program has given him and that he realizes it’s a game. Niyi entered the session with positive vibes and stated that he was certain that he would be able to stay in the House since he was being himself.


Maria explained why she nominated her chosen Housemates, but she also stated that she had no reason for nominating Whitemoney other than the fact that she loved him as a friend.


Tega expressed her dissatisfaction with the Wildcard situation to Biggie. She needed to psychologically prepare for what was to come by mentally preparing for her future on the reality program. During the game, she highlighted the importance of maintaining focus and paying attention to details.


Sammie, who has been feeling dribbled in his blossoming Ship with Angel, remarked on how being in the BBNaija House has helped him build self-confidence and stamina.


Peace pondered on the need to quit being so certain during her Diary Session. She goes on to say that she is a naturally trustworthy person, but she shouldn’t expect things to go according to plan.


Jaypaul, who was rescued from nomination by the Head of House, said he hadn’t expected to be nominated. โ€œIt was a surprise to me, and I didn’t see it coming at the conclusion of the Wildcard thing,โ€ he explained. “Right now, my admiration for Pere has multiplied since he did his part extremely well.”


Arin stated in her session that she liked Boma as Head of House and that they were in excellent hands. She expected to be nominated for the Evictions following the conflicts she had in the House.


In the Diary Room, Saga was all smiles and excitement, claiming that he was just trying to be joyful while fitting into the House and everyone’s dynamic. He went on to say that he felt like Pere was playing with him, but that this is a game and that he needs keep his eyes alert moving ahead.

Princess and Emmanuel

Princess said that one of the most important lessons she’s learned so far in the House is how to relax as a hot-tempered person, and that she’s been able to hold her cool in the last few days. Emmanuel, who was obviously upset after learning that Liquorose was not a Wildcard, talked about how he keeps listening to people’s ideas and debating while wasting time. So far, the most important thing he’s learned in the game has been patience.

Liquorose and Angel

Liquorose expressed her desire to possess the superpower of being able to read people’s minds to Biggie. She had forgotten that she shouldn’t be caught napping or too comfy in the game until this past weekend, which served as a wake-up call for her. Apart from her feelings for Sammie, Angel discussed how she has learnt to interact with others, despite the fact that she claims she is generally alone outside the House.

The idea that only one of them can win the ultimate prize is a sobering reality, but we’re excited to watch what the Housemates do next to stay in the BBNaija House.

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