BBtitans 2023 Day 1 Highlight (Videos)

BBtitans 2023 Day 1 Highlight (Videos)

The first season of the Big Brother Titans 2023 reality TV show is currently ongoing with 24 housemates introduced into the Big Brother house. Catch the daily highlight of all the twist, drama, fights, love and evictions below.

BBTitans 2023 Day 1 Highlight

Watch the highlight videos below;

Housemates discuss diverse routines

While in the kitchen, Blaqboi shares that he has a phobia of vomiting, and Ipeleng and Lukay proffer methods they use to relieve themselves.

The great wager debate

Yemi Cregx reads the details of the first wager, and there’s a little heated exchange among the housemates before they decide on their preferred percentage.

Mmeli wins Head of House

The games have begun, congratulations are underway and it’s a great first win for Mmeli.

“We Are Titans!” – Wager Task

For their first wager, the housemates have to introduce themselves in song, and this is the warm-up. Will Jenni O still have a voice come show time?

Week 1 Fake nominations, fake names

Who is Lutang?! The housemates have been together for 24 hours but they’re still struggling with each others’ names! Here are the funniest FAILS from the nomination session.

Ipeleng gives self-lecture before sharing HoH room with Mmeli

A nervous Ipeleng prepares for a night with Mmeli in the lounge after winning Head of House.

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