Boma Speaks on His Feelings for Tega

Boma, the self-proclaimed huncho of Okra Geng (women canโ€™t stick to him because he is slippery), has been spending a lot of time with Tega recently. They enjoy one other’s company and share the same bed when the lights go off. During a game of Truth or Dare last night, they enjoyed a passionate kiss. Several rumours have circulated regarding their friendship, and now, Boma spoke openly about his feelings for Tega.

During his talk with Jaypaul, he admitted to like Tega and speculated on what may have happened if she had been unmarried. He claims, however, that because she is married, he feels comfortable with her because he knows nothing bad will happen with her. He also lauded several of her qualities, remarking on how similar they are.

Both Boma and Tega appear to be aware that they are being watched as a relationship. Their spidey instincts were buzzing after yesterday’s Head of House games roll call. Biggie seemed to be referring to the Housemates as couples, according to Boma. Once one Housemate had played the game, it was a foregone conclusion that the next person to be called up would be someone with whom they shared a romantic relationship. They assumed that because they were both named after each other, people were starting to think they were a pair. Tega believes the viewers will discover Boma has always been that way with different ladies in the House, and Boma insists it’s just a tactic.

Whatever method they choose to project what they both have in common, they should constantly remember that the BBNaija fam will be watching them and nothing will be able to escape their notice.

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2 years ago

Tega cheating on her husband

2 years ago

SAGA u have won you Ninion go home