Ella in Tears as Other Housemates Accuse Her of Lying

Drama ensued in the Big Brother Naija reunion Show during the day 5 session tagged “disloyalty and betrayer” when the host Ebuka reminded the housemates of some moments of betrayal and disloyalty while they were in the Big Brother house.

The drama started when Venita got pissed with fellow housemate Ella lying about her feelings for Ike even after a video clip of her and Ike was played where she was telling Ike of her feeling towards him while at the same time knowing that Mercy which is her close friend was dating Ike This prompted Venita to bring an issue which came up after they left the Big Brother Naija house.

Venita narrated that Ella went public with her mother’s health without first speaking with fellow housemates about the issues so that they can at least lend a helping hand. However, a day after Ella received help from the public and other housemates, she released pictures of her in a beach doing her first live performance. This act further questioned the genuineness of her story regarding her mother’s health. This is because her mother couldn’t have been in the hospital and she will be having fun at the beach.

KimOprah revealed that she initially inquired about Ella’s mother’s health and the hospital where she was receiving treatment from Ella so that the housemates can pay her a visit but Ella refused to disclose her mother whereabout and told the housemates that there will be no need for them to visit.

Ella in defense stated that her mother was not happy that she took her health issues to the public and that was why she asked the housemate not to visit her.

Venita also stated that Ella cut off from the rest of them immediately she received financial help from them and they didn’t hear from her not until few days ago when she sent them her two songs she did recently. But Ella replied that the reason she did that was because of the pressure she was receiving from the public at that time.

The climax of today’s show was when Ella couldn’t hold her tears anymore that she had to leave the presentation room for some seconds to get hold of herself because she felt disappointed that other housemates believe she could lie with her mother’s health just to extort money from them and the public.

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