Exclusive Interview with ROKSIE (Rosie and Kachi) Ultimate Love Winner

In a recent interview with the first ever winner of the Ultimate Love reality show, the couple ROKSIE (Rosie and Kachi) reviewed the following in their first ever interview after leaving the Ultimate Love reality show organized by the multi choice company.

The couples made some revelations regarding their preparation towards their marriage, wedding and their long-term future goals. Here is what they revealed.

QUESTION 1: Congratulations on finding love and winning the ultimate prize. But did you expect to find love on Ultimate Love or what was the motivation for seeking to be part of the show?

ROSIE:  Yes, of course. When I came to Ultimate Love, I was in search of love. I had already given up on love. So, my coming to the Love Pad was for love and to leave the show as a couple, not single.

KACHI: I entered the Love Pad with an open heart as an individual to find genuine and unconditional love. Yes, it was tough at some point, but in the end, my wish came through.

QUESTION 2: Did becoming the winners of the maiden edition of Ultimate Love come as a surprise and what do you think swung things in your favour?

ROSIE: Yes. Winning came as a surprise to me; I didn’t expect it, but only anticipated and prayed to win. Truly, I don’t know if anything swung things in our favour because from the beginning to the end, we were just being ourselves.

KACHI: Yes, it came to me as a surprise because I wasnt expecting it. But I give thanks to God for making it possible.

QUESTION 3: Prior to Ultimate Love, what was your individual love life like?

ROSIE: My love life was more like a single mum—, just taking care of her son and facing her career. I was not interested in having any relationship or entering any because of the specs that were trying to be around me.

KACHI: My love life was characterized by uncertainty and heartbreaks to a point I decided to focus more on building my career, but I am grateful to God that my story has changed because I have found my one and only true love

QUESTION 4: When did you know that he/she was the one?

ROSIE: I knew Kachi was the one when I understood how patient, calm, strong and persistent he was in having me and he meant it. Also, after the crushes came and left, the fear of losing him became strong and that was when I realized he was the one and I had fallen in love with him.

KACHI: I knew Rosie was the one when we had our first speed date in the Love Pad, but most importantly was when she led me into her heart by sharing a secret she had never discussed with anyone. So, that built my trust and love for her.

QUESTION 5: What was the biggest sacrifice you both made in your relationship in the Love Pad?

ROSIE: We initially were always around each other and not mingling with others and we both decided to balance it and mingle with other Love Guests and spend less time with each other.

KACHI: To stay true, love, trust and support each other regardless of the outcome of the show.

QUESTION 6: Did you see any threat to your relationship when it started?

ROSIE: No. When our relationship started, I didn’t see any threat, only the fact that I personally needed to see what was right in front of me, that he loves me and wanted me.

KACHI: Yes, but because I handed it over to God. He took charge in a remarkable way and then turned things to my favour.

QUESTION 7: What would you say were the highlights of your stay in the Love Pad?

ROSIE:  The highlights of my stay in the Love Pad are too many to number. However, I enjoyed the master classes, tasks, and presentations for different ethnic groups, cooking, painting and pottery. But, in particular, the couple game show.

KACHI: There were several of them. Firstly, I learnt a whole lot from the different facilitators Aunty brought into the house to educate us on relationship, marriage, sex and love language etc

Secondly, was when I completed a task of making Italian Cuisine (Pasta Puttanesca) for my baby, she really enjoyed it and asked for more. The third was when Aunty tested my love for Rosie by bringing in her crushes to the Love Pad.  Finally, was when she reassured me of her love for me.

QUESTION 8: What did you think of the tasks that were given in the Love Pad? How insightful were they?

ROSIE:  The tasks in the Love Pad were insightful, educational and creative, which I was always looking forward to because they brought out the creativity in me, made me understand things I didn’t know and gave me a clearer understanding of things I already knew. For example, the knotting of tie. I understood there were other ways to knot a tie and cooking different cuisines.

KACHI:  All the tasks in the Love Pad were educative, inspiring and mind-blowing.  I learnt how to braid hair, how to tie gele, how to apply make up on my love’s face and get her ready for an event, how to prepare delicious Italian cuisine for her, not forgetting the Charade etc. The experience was worth it. Thank you, Aunty.

QUESTION 9: Who, among the other Love Guests, did you connect with the most and why?

ROSIE: I connected with Chris because of her honesty and bluntness, she says it as it is; Bolanle for her energetic, hearty and fun personality; Ebi because she constantly reminded me of why I came to the Love Pad and she also had my back; Merriton because she is wise and I call her “the wise woman”.

KACHI: Arnold and Chris Ville. Arnold because he’s fun to be with; Chris Ville because he is articulate, business-oriented and fun to be with.

QUESTION 10: Did you have a game plan for the nominations?

ROSIE: I didn’t have any game plan for the nominations. I never sat down with anyone to plan anything concerning the nominations. In fact, most times, I asked Kachi- by Saturday- who we would nominate, and he would tell me I should wait until after eviction to decide.

KACHI:  I never had a game plan. My baby and I literally don’t discuss nominations until Sunday. So, we nominated as the spirit led.

QUESTION 11: How would you describe your relationship with PreshDavid? Is there a possibility of reconciling your differences outside the Love Pad?

ROSIE: My relationship with PreshDavid is cordial; no bad blood, negativity or toxicity from Roksie. I am not aware of any differences that might have transpired again for there to be another reconciliation.

KACHI: I am open to friendship. I have never held grudges against anyone. I have extended the olive branch to PreshDavid on several occasions in the house, so if they wish to be friends with Roksie, our arms are wide open to receive them.

QUESTION 12: Winning the show will certainly put you in the limelight. How do you hope to cope with your new status as a celeb?

ROSIE:  The new status as a celeb is not easy. I tell you. There is pressure from left, right, up, down and center, but all we do is pray about it and commit it into God’s hand for guidance, direction, clarification, truth, discernment, and wisdom.

KACHI: I have handed it over to God to take charge and direct my path and utterances.

QUESTION 13: Did you expect Kachi to formally propose to you at the finale?

ROSIE: No, I didn’t expect Kachi to formally declare his intention to propose at the finale because we had spoken about it and had agreed that after he must have seen my parents and have spoken to them, he would propose. So, I was surprised when he did. But I was extremely happy at the same time that he did propose and commit to me.

QUESTION 14: What date are you looking at for the wedding?

ROSIE: Yet to be decided. When decided, it would be communicated publicly.

KACHI: We will communicate officially when we finally agree on a date.

QUESTION 14: Any words for your fans?

ROSIE:  Words for my fans are no bad blood please, let us all be ambassadors of peace and let love lead because love lives here. We also want to thank them all across Nigeria, Africa and the world for the support, prayers, advice, love, time, loyalty and dedication towards me, Kachi and Roksie. I love them, we love them all and they shouldn’t stop praying for us. RokNation, we Rok.

KACHI:  The sky is big enough to accommodate us all. Forgive easily, do unto others what you want them to do to you, do not hate but let love lead. Above all, put God first in all that you do and the sky will be a starting point for you.

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4 years ago

Roskie are easy and true to the word. You make love look easy , real and very practical. I learnt alot from you. Love how you put God first. Wish you the very best in life. Enjoy!

Jacqueline kabacwamba
Jacqueline kabacwamba
4 years ago

The words for their fans are so so amazing
I love that they put God first for everything they do..
Jacqueline in Uganda wishes them the best…
You can please everyone do what makes you happy and continue to love everyone Roskie even those who dont love you back…
May God Bless this new Journey and always lean on each other’s Shoulders when the going gets tough..
You made me believe that true Love still exists…
God Bless you…