Highlight of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Reunion Episode 11 June 17

Today’s BBNaija reunion show featured the two most talked about ex-housemate Tacha Akide and Mercy Eke. This episode was all about moments that defined the season.

Ebuka played a video clip of the circumstances between Mercy and Tacha that led to Tacha’s disqualification. After playing the clip Ebuka then asked Tacha what actually happened that led to such heated argument.

Tacha responded that she is cool with Mercy and only congratulated her while they were in the bathroom because it was clear she was going to make it to the end. Though Tacha couldn’t point out what actually led to the argument, she revealed that she was under pressure and up for eviction with just a week to the grand finale.

Then Ebuka asked both of them that everyone will notice that they are not cool with each other and this is the first time both of them are sitting together one-on-one. How did both of them degenerate to this extent.

Mercy replied that she is cool with Tacha in real life but not on social media because she feels Tacha do a lot. She continued by saying she practice what she preaches and if she calls anyone her friend, she can never shade that person on social media. She said Tacha is always throwing shades at her on social media. She even revealed she calls Tacha and even did call her on her birthday.

According to Mercy, the first step for them to be friends is to first establish a real relationship outside social media without the knowledge of fans because she finds it difficult to trust Tacha and stated that Tacha do record their conversations which she is not cool with.

Tacha responded that Mercy was wrong to say that she throws shades at her on social media. She also revealed that she followed Mercy on social media but Mercy immediately blocked her

Mercy in response referred to Tacha’s comment in one of her post when Tacha was signed by the same hair brand that signed her and Jackye few weeks earlier. She claimed Tacha wrote “Same Deal, Bigger Bag” which she felt it was shade at her. She also said Tacha always share and like comments that are shading her

Tacha responded that she had never at any time thrown shades at Mercy. She claimed she don’t handle her social media accounts and even in her interviews, her sponsors always insist she become opposite of what people know her to be.

Mercy claimed she blocked her because she don’t pretend about her feelings; you can’t be shading someone on social media and still want to be friends in real life. She said if Tacha want a conversation, they should have it without social media and cameras around. Then, they can both build a relationship from there.

BBNaija reunion Day 11 (Mercy and Tacha)

Posted by BBNaija Daily on Wednesday, June 17, 2020


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