Iyke and Theresa Ultimate Love Story

Iyke and Theresa are really getting along and finding each other’s company really exciting. Both guests are currently doing everything together from eating, siting and sleeping together. They’ve become one of the fans favourite and they are adorable to watch. In one of their conversation, Iyke decided to tease Theresa when she jokingly said she’ll blow Iyke in the balls. Here’s the conversation below.

Iyke and Theressa, both enjoying each other’s company on the sofa. Iyke makes a teasing remark on Theresa.

Theressa: “I will break your balls”.

Iyke: “Hmmm, if you break my balls we won’t have kids o”.

Both: Smiles & laugh together cutely.

Theresa and Iyke Ultimate love 2

Iyke is 2 years younger than Theresa but that has not really been a concern to him as many will say, “age is just a number when love is involved”.

As the show enters it’s critical stage where every guest will choose a partner, let’s hope and see if both of the will get through this stage.

In the coming week, each guest/contestant in the love pad will be given the opportunity to choose a partner to continue with and this decision is a no going back one where there won’t be a second chance to change partner. This can really be frustrating when a guest gets connected to the wrong partner. That could be the end of the show for both of them.

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