Laycon is Intelligent and Thinks Deep – Erica Reveals

During the diary session in the second day of the Big Brother Naija reality show, Erica told big brother that Laycon is the second person sh can trust in the house after Neo.

Erica revealed that Laycon is very intelligent and thinks really deep about certain situations, though most people judge him by his looks.

She noted she’s very vibe with Laycon because he’s smart, calm, quiet and measured. She also said that unlike some other men, he behaves very mature.

Speaking further, Erica said the appearance of Laycon does not really show him as a smart person, but if you come closer to him, you will know he really is.

She referred to Laycon as the ‘aristotle’ and ‘philosopher’ in the house, adding that given the kind of stuff that has been said about him, Laycon doesn’t get angry easily.

She’s said Laycon didn’t get upset when she laughed at him during the Head of House games when he was unable to throw a dice of 6.

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