Nigerian Idol Season 6 Episode 3 Audition Highlights

Last night the Nigerian Idol episode gave plenty to love! Here is a recap. Last night another episode of the Nigerian Idol Season 6 auditions was broadcast, packed with suspense, thrill and unquestionable talent. Did you miss it? catch up below.

Unearthing diamonds in the rough

The auditions this week began with the national anthem of the 27-year old Chukwuka. His performance was special and smooth, and his performance was early agreed by the judges; they really liked him. The three competitors who went to the Audition Room immediately after Chukwuka gave good accounts of themselves and received each of their efforts a Golden Ticket.

A remarkable audition of Joshua the 23-year-old, who earned Seyi Shay’s standing ovation, and Kingdom who got the embrace of DJ Sose, and also left Seyi Shay teary-eyed. The highlight of the night was the youngest of the competitors; Comfort (18) whose soulful performance won her additional “yes” from Obi Asika and Beyonce Ajomiwe, a 16-year-old boy who, like the American Superstar, has a powerful star that judges can see within 1 mile.

The not-so-great

Some not-so-grand performances were also performed. Especially among them was 19-year-old student Onyinyechi. Onyinyechi left her job just before the auditions, but sadly fell short of the expectations of the judges. After her audition, if she wants a career in music, she was recommended to take vocal lessons. However, after being dismissed, her repeated appeal forced all three judges to leave the stage – and had to be taken out of the stage by security.

Miriam, who’d been inspired to compete by her friends and family, closely followed Onyinyechi’s inevitable success. Her comical success was far less than that and far from the judges expectations.

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Awotu Blessing
Awotu Blessing
3 years ago

I want to be part of it