Ozo, Dorathy, Nengi and Neo Week 9 Diary Session

As the journey to this week’s Evictions continues, Team Black talk about their Nominations with Biggie in a special Diary session. After his discussion with Team White yesterday, Biggie took time out once again to talk to Team Black (Dorathy, Ozo and Neo) about their Nominations for Eviction this week, the rationale behind their choices and which Housemates they would have genuinely gone with.

Ozo Week 9 Diary Session

After commenting that he was feeling great especially with his big wins this week, Ozo opened up about his team’s Nominations for Eviction. First, just like the rest of the teammates, he was surprised with the Nomination process, but he immediately adjusted and came to a joint decision with his team about which Housemates to Nominate.

Explaining how they arrived at this joint decision, he said his team went with the strategy where they examined Housemates that had been up for Eviction and if they survived. They each came up with names and since two of his teammates selected both Laycon and Trikytee, they had to go with that.

Ozo Diary Session Week 9

When asked if his team made the right choice, he said yes and even if they were asked to again, they would probably come up with the same names. About which Housemates he would have Nominated if it was the old Nomination process, he said he would have gone with Laycon and Vee. His list of Nominated Housemates who deserved to be in the Finale included himself, Dorathy, Trikytee, Laycon.

Dorathy Week 9 Diary Session

She felt her team was put in a tight corner and arriving at that decision wasn’t easy. She initially went with Trikytee and Vee at first, but the rest of the team went with Laycon because they felt he hadn’t been in the bottom four, they considered him a strong Housemate and came to an agreement to Nominate Laycon and Trikytee. If it was the old Nomination process, she would have Nominated Neo and Ozo.

Dorathy Diary Session Week 9

Her list of Nominated Housemates who most deserved to be in the Finale included herself Laycon, Ozo and Trikytee. When asked about being Nominated by the other team, she responded that she wasn’t surprised.

Neo Week 9 Diary Session

On his part, Neo admitted there was a lot of confusion in the whole process. Some wanted it done one way while others wanted it to be done another way before finally deciding to go with Trikytee and Laycon. He remarked he was happy with the outcome of their Nomination and expressed shock that he wasn’t Nominated by the other team.

Neo Diary Session Week 9

When asked who he would have Nominated if it was the old process, he said Dorathy and Trikytee or Laycon. On who he felt was most deserving from the Nominated Housemates to be in the Finale, he picked Ozo, Laycon, Tricktee and Dorathy.

Nengi Week 9 Diary Session

She expressed she’d root for Ozo as Head of House if she wasnt the HoH and if she had the power to Save and Replace from the Nominated Housemates, she’d save him and replace with Vee saying he deserved to be in the Finale.

She said she would have Nominated Laycon and Dorathy if it was the old system and the Housemates she thought most deserving to be in the Finale included Ozo, Laycon, Dorathy and Trikytee.

Nengi Diary Session Week 9

Time will eventually tell, the outcome of the Housemates Nominated for Eviction and those who will eventually make it to the Finale.

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Osai pamela
Osai pamela
3 years ago

Dorathy and trikytee

Gloria Edughu
Gloria Edughu
3 years ago

I done want Dora to go

Charity Bernard
Charity Bernard
3 years ago

Dorathy and Trikytee