Pere Wins BBNaija 2021 Head of House Game for Week 3

Big Brother Naija Delta born season 6 housemate Pere has emerged winner of the Head of House game for week 3 following his stunning performance in today’s game. Tonight’s Head of House game is the 3rd for this season. 17-housemates took part in today’s game. Boma who is the current Head of House is not qualified to partake in today’s game.

All 17 partaking housemates are required to complete the 35-step game in 60 secs. Housemate who completes the game with the lowest time will be declared winner. The 4 new housemates Michael, Kayvee, JMK and Queen were excluded from today’s game but allowed to watching and observe while other housemates compete.

BBNaija 2021 Week 3 Head of House

The winner of the game will be crowned the Head of House for the week; will be immune from nomination and will have exclusive access to the Big Brother lounge with the deputy.

The first housemate to compete in today’s game was Cross. Luck wasn’t on his side as he was only able to make it to step 6 before he was buzzed out. Whitemoney on the other hand made it to step 15 but the tag on step 15 is game over which is automatic disqualification. Pere rowed 6 dice on his first attempt and progressed to step 25 which was enough to seal the victory for this week.

Pere BBNaija Head of House

Pere then blew it out the park – a quick start, some lucky throws, missed all the obstacles, and ran like blazes. His last roll of the die went out of bounds, leaving people unsure of whether or not it would count, but just right then, it didn’t matter – he had taken the lead, no matter what.

Nini throw a six on her first attempt, moving on the course after no time at all, finishing on the 13th space, and taking the lead. Jackie B… managed to roll a 6.  And that’s it.  It took her so long to get off the blocks, that the buzzer rang before she could actually progress.  Sammie took a while to get off the blocks, but then through two 6’s in a row, followed by a five, which would put him on 11… which means “START OVER”, then the time ran out, which means… Sammie got zilch.

Cross… didn’t fair much differently:  “START OVER”, then the buzzer. May as well have stayed seated.  Liquorose threw a six on her first attempt, getting an early move onto the course.  Unfortunately, she immediately had to get past a tiresome obstacle, but she ended her run on the 14th space and in the lead.

Yousef then started his attempt… and got nowhere. Literally. He totally failed to roll a six and get off the starting block.  Boma breathes easy.

Saskay had an alright time of it, until right after her attempt, when Biggie reminded her that she had been told she was not allowed to wear shoes during the Head of House Game, and her score was set to zero. Her nervous laughter had Biggie ask her to, “kindly share the joke.” The laughter ended, chop-chop.

Tega had her score reduced to zero, too – not her fault.  It was punishment for moving the marker incorrectly, but she had only been listening to her fellow Housemates, who were also given a stern rebuke by Biggie.  Oooh… lot’s of people getting into wahala, tonight!

Not Pere, though. His score held the lead, and he became the new Head of House and won immunity from the week’s Nominations process.. I now of a few people who will be hoping to be named his Deputy, but we’ll have to wait just a little longer to find out who.

Here is the result for the week 3 Head of House Game.

  • Cross – 6
  • Saga – 2
  • Whitemoney – 0
  • Nini – 13
  • Jackie B – 0
  • Sammie – 11
  • Jaypaul – 0
  • Liquorose – 14
  • Arin – 5
  • Yousef – 0
  • Princess – 2
  • Pere – 25
  • Saskay – 0
  • Peace – 1
  • Emmanuel – 13
  • Tega – 0
  • Angel – 0
  • Maria – 4

Pere’s victory means he is immune from nominations this week. He nominated Maria as his deputy Head of House. Both housemates will now enjoy the luxury of the Big Brother lounge.

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