Poll – Top 8 Nigerian Idol 2023 Vote Result and Elimination / Eviction

Vote for your favourite Nigerian Idol 2023 contestant. The Nigerian Idol 2023 Season 8 has entered the live show and with 8 contestants remaining in the competition competing for the grand prize.

All 8 contestants showed up with amazing performances with perfect endless praise of the judges. Here are the top 10 contestants.

  1. Constance
  2. Chisom
  3. Goodness
  4. Ose Daniel
  5. Precious Mac
  6. Quest
  7. Savvy Henry
  8. Chisom

Nigerian Idol 2023 Top 10 Poll

To save your favourite contestant from eviction, please vote below.

Nigerian Idol 2023 Top 10


Note: You can vote multiple times. Voting closes on Wednesday at 10:00PM

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Shittabey Damilola
Shittabey Damilola
21 hours ago

#nigeriaidol Plz don’t evict my constant

1 year ago

God of progress remember me my name is ann

1 year ago

I love Faith and she my model on this great show pls keep it up

Christiana Daly
Christiana Daly
1 year ago

This is a powerful season I injoy there performance

Helen Makwe
Helen Makwe
1 year ago

Progress my reason for watching Nigerian idol season 7