Ships are Starting to Build Up in the BBNaija House

Bella and Sheggz appear to be on their way to starting a relationship in the House! Sheggz shot his shot and called Bella beautiful last night as they cuddled together in bed. Sheggz acknowledged that while he is interested in Bella, he needs her to demonstrate her openness to his advances. Sheggs said “If a girl says to me she’s not down, I won’t go hard. It’s different when someone says hmmm, let me see. It’s enough to think she’s considering it. The woman has to give the man something to hold on to” as the two were lying back in bed.

Bella replied that it was a little early for such discussion. “I’m not ready to do that in this House. You do realise that this is the third day? Also, i’m not easy? I’m not simple either “. Sheggz assured her that he was well aware of this fact and stated that he preferred difficult-to-get women. Bella didn’t appear to interrupt Sheggz and appeared to be enjoying their discussion.

The two had been together nonstop today. They walked into the lounge area wearing unplanned synchronised clothing, held hands, and flirted as their fellow Level 1 Housemates made breakfast in the background.

Even though Groovy declined to kiss Beauty, their relationship in the Level 2 House appears to be going well. However, there was almost a detour when Amaka admitted to Pharmsavi this morning that she had intended to dissolve their union—that is, until Beauty showed up in underwear. Pharmsavi chuckled heartily at this hilarious discovery since he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Sheggz and Bella are not the only ones shooting their shot in the Level 1 House. In the Bedroom, Allysyn and Hermes admitted to liking each other. Allysyn said she likes Hermes because he is intelligent, and though they have a lot of differences, they also have a few similarities. Allysyn wants to get to know him even though she is emotionally unavailable at the moment. Hermes informed her about being polyamorous, and she asked him if he wanted to have three girlfriends. Hermes couldn’t make any promises, but he sees Allysn as a ‘free spirit,’ and to him, love means “giving and making an effort to another human’s effort”.

Speaking of Allysyn, some of you have noted she may be into Adekunle?

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