Time for Big Brother Naija 2024 Saturday Night Party Today

The Big Brother Naija 2024 Dynamic Duo reality show has kicked off with 20 housemates.

The BBNaija Saturday Night Party is a celebration of music, dance, and camaraderie, as the housemates get a chance to momentarily forget about the intense competition and challenges they face during the week. With an eclectic mix of chart-topping hits, classic anthems, and Afrobeat tunes, the party’s DJ turns up the volume and sets the mood for an unforgettable night.

Dressed to impress in their finest outfits, the housemates get all dolled up and suited up, showcasing their individual styles and fashion flair. From dazzling gowns to sleek suits, they are camera-ready and eager to strut their stuff on the dance floor.

BBNaija Saturday Night Party

During the party, friendships are strengthened, and new connections are formed, as the housemates bond over their shared love for music and dance. The energy is infectious, and as the night progresses, inhibitions are shed, and everyone joins in the groove.

But the BBNaija Saturday Night Party isn’t just about dancing and having fun; it’s also an opportunity for the viewers to witness the housemates’ true personalities. With emotions running high, some use the dance floor to release pent-up feelings, while others embrace the moment to show off their playful, carefree sides.

Every Saturday, Big Brother gives the housemates the privilege for an all-night party where the housemates will have enough to eat and drink and vibe to top trending music all over the world. This season is not left out as the Level up housemates will be having the privilege of the attending the Saturday night party.

Time for Big Brother Naija 2024 Saturday Night Party

The Big Brother Naija Saturday night party will start at

  • Nigeria – 10:00PM
  • South Africa – 11:00PM
  • Ghana – 9:00PM

How to Watch Big Brother Naija 2024 Saturday Night Party

You can watch the Big Brother Naija 2024 Saturday night party on the following DSTV and GOTV channels;

  • DSTV – Channel 197 and 198
  • GOTV – Channel 8 and 29

You can also watch the live stream of the Saturday night party on facebook and tweeter. Simply search for the hash tag “BBNaija Live and click on any video with the Live icon.

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White money
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Hëmmy böy
Hëmmy böy
1 year ago

Elo I like ur dance oo

1 year ago
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U are right it was fantastic eh