Ultimate Love Week 5 (Round) Voting Result Today | Ranking & Percentage

The Ultimate Love reality show has entered the 6th week and in today’s Sunday live show, result from the voting polls by viewers will be revealed. In last Sundays live show, couples nominated two couples each for eviction this week.

Here is a recap from last Sunday’s live show. The nominations from last week is shown in the table below.

Ultimate Love Week 5 (Round 3) Nominations Result.

Couples Up for eviction this week

Here are the couples with the highest number of nominations. They will therefore go into the voting polls to be saved by viewers.

  • Bolar
  • Chivia
  • Jelo
  • Roksie

Ultimate Love Week 5 (Round) Voting Result Today | Ranking & Percentage

From the nomination result from last week, Bolar, Chivia, Jelo and Roksie were nominated for possible eviction from the show this week. See Ultimate Love week 5 voting result from viewers below.

  • Roksie – 1st
  • Bolar – 2nd
  • Chivia – 3rd
  • Jelo – 4th

Note that the voting percentage will not be revealed until the end of the show.

Jelo got the least number of votes from viewers this week and have been evicted from the show.

The Portmanteau game

One might say they lost this game of luck for retaining their portmanteau – in this game, they received a sum of a hundred thousand Naira (N100,000) and would have gone home with three hundred thousand Naira if they had picked a different portmanteau.

Don’t worry guys, it’s not about the money but the love. On this note, we wish the Couple a beautiful love journey ahead with cupid.

JELO’s Ultimate Love Journey

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