Housemate Tenders Musical Apology to Big Brother

The Housemates will do many things, but one thing they will not do is accuse Big Brother of not doing something this time. We’re talking about Biggie here, and Housemates have almost forgotten their place in the BBNaija House.

The Housemates received their weekly groceries on Monday, which they had purchased on Sunday afternoon. Pere was still in Head of House office at the time; therefore, the news of the apology was sent to him and the rest of the House.

The Housemates debated how to make a proper apology, considering the possibility of returning to the Arena where they had been presenting their Storm Body Spray Task.

BBNAija 2021 Housemate Apology

Whitemoney, in his natural state, began writing a song that would eventually become their redemption song. The rules were simple: no clapping, no laughing, and go down on our knees.

The Housemates gathered around the BBNaija House’s living room area in typical performative flair, joining in song and sealing off this wonderful apology on their knees! โ€œWe apologise, Big Brother! We apologise!โ€ Big Brother, we apologise for all of our flaws o!โ€

They sang their apology to Biggie with their hands on their heads and facial gestures that matched the mood. Maria, the Head of House, ended it with a poetic outro, thanking Big Brother for all the food and replenishment provided in the House.

It appeared to be a tremendous move, but we have yet to hear Biggie’s opinion. Will he accept these musical apologies or will he want more extravagant gestures from them?

We’re confident that the Housemates will never accuse Biggie of anything again.

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Adeyemo Damilol
Adeyemo Damilol
2 years ago

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Jonathan Daniel
Jonathan Daniel
2 years ago