Bolar Escape the Polls this Week (Week 6) | Ultmate Love

The pressure of nomination can be all too much to handle. Thankfully Bolar don’t have to worry about it this week.

The Love Pad is a place filled with joy, love and laughter. But it can also be the home of stress, anxiety and the sheer tension of not knowing who will be Checked Out next. So as this week kicked off, it came as no surprise that some of the Love Couples were holding their breath as they awaited to see who Aunty would save come nomination announcement on Tuesday night.

When the time finally came the Love Couples were to learn that their wait was to be a little longer as Aunty had some housekeeping to do. This included offering a stern warning to the Love Guests about their conduct and the importance of following the rules.

However once that was said and done it was time to break the tension and finally announce who would be safe and who would have just three days to convince their fans that they were worthy of the precious votes required to stay in the Love Pad.

Bolar Week 6


In the end it was Bolar who came out victorious as Iykeresa, ObiEbi, Jaykech and DoubleChris found themselves all on the chopping block while Aunty saved Bolanle and Arnold. The news was beyond welcome for the couple as Bolanle let out a huge sigh of relief and couldn’t fight back the tears of joy. It just goes to show just how much is on the line for the Love Guests in this journey of love.

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