Ultimate Love Show Couples Quote of the week

As the show progresses, there have been an increased closeness and communication among the ultimate love couples. Also there have been an increased emotion in the house with couples getting more emotional with themselves. Here are some of our favourite quotes for the week.

Iyke to Theresa

“I can’t be in a relation talking about my exes, that is behind me”.

Iyke and theresa love quote


On the difficult task of nominating fellow couples, Michael said

β€œ If that person cannot say it to my face then that person is stupid. That is what I’m thinking”.

Michael Ultimate love quotes

Chris Ville to Chris

About the ships in the Love Pad and first impressions, Chris Ville said,

β€œI like her spirit immediately”

Chris Ville Ultimate Love quote

Rosie on Kachi

β€œHe gives me peace. The way he loves me is unique and I love that about him”

Rosie Ultimate love quote


Don’t say indecent words, I’m decisive and I take time to make my decisions

Nkechi Ultimate Love quote

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