Ultimate Love Week 6 Vote Result for Couples 2020 | Voting Ranking/Percentage

The result of the Ultimate Love week 6 (round 4) voting for couples nominated for possible eviction this week is out. However, before the results will be revealed, here is a recap from last Sunday’s live nomination show.

Ultimate Love Couple Remaining in the Show

The list of Ultimate Love Couples that are left in the show as at week 6.

  • Bolar
  • Chivia
  • DoubleChris
  • Iykeresa
  • Jaykech
  • Obiebi
  • Preshdavid
  • Roksie

In last Sunday live show, couples were called upon to nominate two couples each for possible eviction from the Ultimate Love reality show. The result from the nomination is showed in the table below.

From the nomination result, four couples got the highest number nominations. The couples are

The for couples went into the voting polls where viewers are given the privilege to vote for their favourite couple to avoid eviction from the show. The result of the voting pols is shown below.

Ultimate Love Week 6 (Round 4) Vote Result / Ranking /Percentage

Kindly note that the result percentage will not be revealed until the end of the show. We will only reveal the vote ranking for each couple. The Ultimate Love week 6 vote result is shown below.

  • Jaykech – 1st
  • Iykeresa – 2nd
  • Obiebi – 3rd
  • DoubleChris – 4th

From the result above, DoubleChris got the least number of votes from the viewers and therefore have been evicted from the show.

Ultimate Love Evicted Couples this Week

The Ultimate Love couple DoubleChris (Chris Ville and Chris) have been evicted from the show.


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