Ultimate Love Couples One-on-One Session with Aunty (Week 3)

Just a day after the week 2 nomination of couples for eviction, the couples had one on one session with Aunty. This is their first Couple sessions with Aunty as she was trying to gauge their progress, two weeks after being paired.

There might be a thing or two that our Love Couples aren’t comfortable with in their partners but that’s just a small hurdle they’re willing to overcome as they journey towards writing their love stories.

They voiced this as they explained how being in the Love Pad was already a hurdle on its own because it’s a space co-shared. However, more than anything, they’re open to learn, grow and listen to one another and allow love to bind their hearts. Here is the conversation of each couple with Aunty.


According to ObiEbi, isolating themselves from other Love Guests isn’t intentional but it’s something that will make them stronger. They also acknowledge that Obichukwu is seen as controlling by other Love Guests but in his defence, it’s all about protecting Ebiteinye because she opens herself up completely to others.

They both agree that the past two weeks have been fulfilling and revealing at the same time. Going forward, they want to learn about each other and learn to tolerate the things they don’t like.


Jaykech are still trying to navigate the challeneges of being held up in the Love Pad and trying to focus on getting to know each other. When asked what she likes about Nkechi, he replied: “She’s a nice person and I take my take my time and monitor her movements and she’s ticking all the boxes…I also love her intelligence.”


After ironing out a few issues the Couple is on a journey to discover themselves. Spending time alone in the Love Nest was a blessing as they’re now know the importance of communication. They consider one another before taking any decisions in the Love Pad and beyond.


“The way he loves me is unique”, Rosie told Aunty before admitting that she almost lost her blessing because she was focused on the pain she experienced with David Wilson. However, after forgiveness and letting go, she found happiness and is giving Love another try. Kachi reciprocated her words and added that she’s an understanding woman.


Micherry’s love story doesn’t get old and the Couple looks happy in each other’s presence. Laughter and jokes were the main component in their session with Aunty. However, they did mention that they’re still trying to navigate their way and whenever there’s a disagreement, they try to understand where the other person comes from.


Though there hasn’t been kisses and cuddles yet, DoubleChris are certain of where they see themselves in the future and that’s in the presence of each other. They told Aunty that their love connection still needs nurturing and they’re rushing nowhere. After pointing out what they like about each other, they sealed Aunty’s session with a hug.

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