Latest News on PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) Ultimate Love Show July, 2020

PRESHDAVID which is the Ultimate Love couple’s name for David Wilson and Presh Talker is one of the 11 couples who took part I the Ultimate Love Season 1 2020 reality show. In the course of the show, here are the latest news about PRESHDAVID the ultimate love couple in the love pad.

Preshdavid Evicted

OBIEBI and PRESHDAVID Evicted from the Ultimate Love Reality Show (Week 7)

The procedure to vote PreshDavid as your Ultimate Love favourite couples for the 2020 via SMS for this week. Kindly note that this voting method is by SMS and at a cost of 30 naira per SMS across all networks.

Meet PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) Ultimate Love Couples Season 1 2020

Here is a brief update on Ultimate Love couples PRESHDAVID (David Wilson and Presh Talker) in the love pad. This extroverted Couple isn’t shy to voice out their feelings which makes them the perfect choice for each other.

Presh Talker Profile & Biography (Ultimate Love) | Age, Occupation and Pictures

Presh Talker Profile and biography of Ultimate love guest (housemate) of the first season of the show.  Many people have suggested that Precious’ beautiful eyes could be a window to people’s soul, and it seems she

David Wilson Profile & Biography (Ultimate Love Guest) | Age, Occupation and Photos

David Wilson is one of the contestants/Housemates who put in for the first season of the Ultimate love reality show. The 33-year-old from Bayelsa State isn’t fussy at all when it comes to relationships.

David Wilson Photos Ultimate Love Season 1 Guest/Housemate (Pictures)

Here are some photos of David Wilson one of the Ultimate Love Guest (housemate) for the first season of the reality TV show. David Wilson is a 33-year-old Singer,

David Wilson Ultimate Love Instagram, Facebook Twitter and Snapchat Username

David Wilson (33 years) Ultimate Love Guest/Contestant Instagram Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Username and page. He’s one of the most followed Ultimate Love guest on Instagram with over 60,000 followers.

Rosie and David Wilson Ultimate Love Couples

David Wilson and Rosie have been the only Ultimate Love Guests who seemed to have chosen already, but as things stand and according to David Wilson, that’s not the case. If you were in the Love Pad, you wouldn’t want to be in Rosie’s position; a position of uncertainty and vulnerability.

Ultimate Love Results and Percentage for Season 1 2020

The weekly result of Ultimate Love reality show season 1 showing the vote percentage of all couples is shown below. The couple with the least number of votes is evicted

Ultimate Love Winner Tonight | Watch Final Show

The Ultimate love reality show has entered its final stages where viewers will be called upon to vote their favourite ultimate love guest and choose who will remain in the Love Pad (house).

Download Ultimate Love Theme Song (Mp3)

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Week 8 Ultimate Love Final Vote Results (Winner & Runner Up)

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Names of Finalist of Ultimate Love Reality Show (Week 8) 2020

The Ultimate Love Couples that made it to the final of the show are OBIEBI, Doublechris, Iykeresa, Chivia and Bolar. You can vote your favourite couple to win the ultimate price of the show.

Names of Ultimate Love Evicted Couples 2020

The ultimate live Check out show will start today by 7:30pm/20:30 CAT on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29 (Channel 129 in Ghana and channel 329 in Uganda).

Ultimate Love Voting Results for Week 3 | See Evicted Couples

The result for the Ultimate love week 3 voting polls for couples placed on possible eviction is out. In last Sunday’s live show, the couples in the love pad nominated two couples they wish to be evicted from the show.

Vote for Ultimate Love Week 7 Couples up for Eviction

Nominations for this week is out and we have five (5) couples up for possible eviction this week seven (7). The couples are DoubleChris, Iykeresa, Obiebi, PreshDavid and IYKERESA.

Ultimate Love Couples One-on-One Session with Aunty (Week 3)

Just a day after the week 2 nomination of couples for eviction, the couples had one on one session with Aunty. This is their first Couple sessions with Aunty as she was trying to gauge their progress, two weeks after being paired.

Ultimate Love Nomination (Week 1) Today | Couples Nominated for Eviction

Full list of Ultimate Love Couples nominated for possible eviction for today week one (1) of the reality show. After the one week of the show, here are the Couples that have been nominated for possible eviction from the reality TV show.

Ultimate Love Nomination Today (Week 3) | Couples Nominated for Voting & Eviction

Ultimate love couples week 3 nomination for eviction from the show in the Sunday Live shows. The following couples have been nominated and viewers will be required to vote their favourite couples.

Ultimate Love Voting Polls and Result (Week 1) Season 1

In the Ultimate Love online voting polls organized by we have compiled the results of votes by our esteemed viewers. In the week one of the show, ten (10) Ultimate Love couples were placed in the online voting polls.

Ultimate Love Couples Names and Pictures

As the ultimate live show come on air today, each guest is required to pick a partner to commit to for the rest part of the show. As the the love guest make their decision, they won’t be given a second chance to select another partner. This is to say their fate depends on whatever happens today.

Ultimate Love Nomination Today (Week 2) | Couples Nominated for Eviction

After the two weeks of the show, here are the Couples that have been nominated for possible eviction from the reality TV show. In Ultimate Love Nigeria Show, Viewers are required to vote for their favourite Couples to avoid possible eviction.

Ultimate Love Nomination for Week 4 (Round 2) – Couples Up for Check out/Eviction

The Ultimate Love Nigeria reality TV show has entered its 4th week and the couples are faced with another task of nominating couples they want to evict/check out from the show. This is the second (round 2) nomination in the show.

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